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Aftercooler UFK-W 0100-5000

The aftercooler UFK-W is designed to cool compressed air, but can be used for other gases as well.

Product Description

The UFK-W as an additional piece of equipment after the compressor supports an efficient and economical purification of compressed air. The cooler works in a counterflow procedure where the hot compressed air is cooled down by eliminating heat over the cooling tubes to the cooling water. The generated condensate will be drained by a cyclone separator. This product series offers 9 different housings ranging from a volume flow of 100 to 5000 m3/h with fixed nest of boiler tubes and 9 different sizes for a volume flow of 450 to 10500 m3/h. with removable nest of boiler tubes (related to 7 bar g).

The Aftercooler can be delivered with fixed nest of boiler tubes as well as with moveable nest of boiler tubes. Furthermore all aftercoolers are equipped with a cyclone separator. The coolers consist of enlarged surface insertions made out of copper. The shell, the pipes and the flanges are made of steel.