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Cabinet Dust Collectors Series 50 to 80


  • Series : Separator type
  • Frame : Stainless steel
  • Separators : Aluminum foil
  • Media : Wet-laid micro-glassfiber
  • Sealant :
  • Red Silicon (260; 350 °C)
  • Gray Ceramics sealant (500 °C)
  • Humidity : 100% RH
  • Efficiency :
  • MPPS : 95%(H11);
  • DOP : 95%@0.3m
  • MPPS : 99.95%(H13);
  • DOP : ≧99.97%@0.3m
  • MPPS : ≧99.995%(H14);
  • DOP : ≧99.99%@0.3m
  • Recommended final pressure drop : ≦ 500Pa


High temp filter consists of dry, continuous micro glass fiber, which is highly resistant to high temperatures and moisture, with a safe-edge corrugated aluminum separator to ensure uniform airflow. Using Dow Corning red silicon or Ceramic periphery sealant to eliminate the bypass of recirculating air at operating temperature and maintain filter performance.


These filters can remove a broad range of airborne contaminants and is designed for use in the hot return air or supply air systems with process air temperatures up to 260 °C or 350 °C (Red Silicon) and 500 °C (Gray Ceramics). They can use in cool zone process or tunnel applications.


These filters is constructed with 304 stainless steel frame. The high temp media is completely pleated over corrugated aluminum separators to maintain pack stability.