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Donaldson Heat Regenerated Adsorption Dryers

The Importance of Dry and Clean Compressed Air

In nearly all areas of the industry compressed air is one of the indispensable working medias. The application as working, conveying, measuring, control and regulating air is just as self-evident as the application in the process technology. The atmospheric inlet air of the compressor contains harmful substances and impurities. Moisture in the form of vapour is condensed out into the compressed air network. This causes expensive damages and a loss in quality. Therefore processing concepts consisting of filtration and drying are an integral part of every compressed air application.

The drying method is determined by the application. Where very low residual moisture is a requirement respectively for pressure dew points below 0°, adsorption drying is applied.

Donaldson Adsorption Dryers stand for:

  • reliability
  • efficiency
  • high reserve capacity
  • easy maintenance
  • easy operation
  • models with no loss of compressed air