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Ultrapac Classic ALD/MSD Heatless Desiccant Compressed Air Dryers


Ultrafilter International AG, whose world headquarters is in Haan, Germany, was established in 1972 as a trading company to buy and sell, into the German market, compressed air and gas purification equipment. In the 1980’s, Ultrafilter established itself as a prime manufacturer of compressed air and gas dryers and filters, backed by numerous innovative patents, and has since grown to be among the largest such manufacturers in the world. Our product lines include, but are not limited to: air, gas and liquid filters for both process and industrial applications; refrigerated, membrane and regenerative desiccant compressed air and gas dryers; breathing air systems; condensate management systems; and process water chillers.

In 2002, Ultrafilter was acquired by Donaldson Company, Inc., headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Donaldson is a leading worldwide provider of filtration systems and replacement parts. Since 1915, Donaldson has perfected and leveraged its core strengths— innovative technology, strong customer relationships and broad geographic presence—to meet the diverse and changing needs of its customers.