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Hencolin Int’l Corp Extended Surface Filter 200Pa


  • Series: Pleated series
  • Frame: Rigid high wet-strength beverage board
  • Media: Synthetic Media (non woven)
  • Safety Grade: UL900 CLASS 2
  • Humidity: ≦95% RH
  • Efficiency:
    • G4(EN779), MERV8(ASH RAE52.2)
  • Recommended final pressure drop ≦200Pa


These filters are at low cost, easy to install in wide range of application and are high moisture resistant.


These filters can be used as pre-filters for most demanding filtration system and for extension the life of expensive high-efficiency filters. They can be used in residential, commercial and industrial.


These pleated filters use synthetic media and bonded to a wide mesh on the air-exiting side and then enclosed into die-cut cardboard. There are three kind of thickness, 1″ , 2″ , 4″ with 30-35% efficiency rate.