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Hencolin Int’l Corp Ceiling Filter HF600G


HENCOLIN HF 600G, FINE FILTER (CEILING FILTER) is High-level-ceiling filter for paint-spray systems.
Filter mat could also be used for fine filtration in all kinds of ventilation systems and units. The HENCOLIN HF600G is made of high performance non-woven, non-breaking polyester fibers.
The non-woven is thermally bonded and specially smoothed on the clean air side, in order to prevent individual fibers becoming detached. In addition, the fibers are specially processed to provide an actively adhesive. All these features ensure enhanced dependability for the users. The filter media is progressive in structure, with layers of different fiber diameters being arranged behind each other so as to ensure that the density of the fiber layers increases towards the clean air side. This optimizes the defined filter performance and the dust holding capacity, resulting in longer service life for the filter concerned. The filter mat is additionally fitted with a reinforcing scrim on the clean-air-side. This enhances the filter mat’s stability and prevents possible damage to the clean air side during installation.