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Hencolin Int’l Corp – Synthetic Bag


  • Series: Pocket series
  • Frame:Galvanized Steel Plastic
  • Media :Synthetic fiber
  • Fire retardant grade: UL900
  • Temperature: ≦70 °C
  • Humidity:≦100 %RH
  • Efficiency:
    • G4(EN779), 30-35%
    • ASHRAE 52.1 (White)
    • F5(EN779), 40-60%
    • ASHRAE 52.1 (White)
  • Recommended final pressure drop ≦250Pa


These Synthetic pocket filters are used in both commercial and industri al applications and others such as hospital, schools and public building They are installed in general air conditioning plants, in gas turbine equipments or in computer suite to protect equipments for a longer service life. Pocket filter is also used as a medium filter in clean room filtration.


These synthetic ultrasonic pocket filters are constructed with synthetic media and assembled in galvanized steel frame. The pocket is flexible to maintain shape in changing conditions. Our pocket filter offers high efficiency filtration while maintaining low resistance to air-flow.